YIFY: Best Movie Site (2014)

YIFY TV - The new YIFY Torrents website

YIFY TV is a new site that contain all the Yify Torrents in the same quality but now is for streaming to watch movies online for free.

YIFY Torrents, is an awesome site that provide us the option of watch movies online for free in hd, but it only works for torrents. This limitation is now removed with YIFY TV.

In YIFY TV not only we can watch a big content of free movies online in hd quality, also the reproduction of the movies are really fast, like we watch a video youtube or even more fastest.

YIFY Torrents is popular because the quality of the movies, and precisely this search YIFY TV, for this, the site only indexed content in 720p or 1080p

Other important aspect, is that YIFY TV has very few ads and no-popups.

The site, like YIFY Torrents, has a very cool interface, with a navigation really well done and fast.

We can register and rank movies, among other things and search movies even for imdb ranking.

Very recommended and helpful site: YIFY TV


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